Distance Learning Program
Board Members
Office Hours and Location

Arkansas Literacy Councils   http://www.arkansasliteracy.org/

Arkansas Department of Career Education   http://ace.arkansas.gov/

Proliteracy Worldwide   http://www.proliteracy.org/

Proliteracy Education Network   http://proliteracyednet.org


Scholastic website with teacher/student resources  http://www2.scholastic.com /browse/home.jsp  

Fact sheets, worksheets, quizzes and games to improve grammar, reading, writing and vocabulary   http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/ 


ESL Cafe is a web meeting place and resource for teachers and students   http://www.eslcafe.com/ 

Beginner students   www.starfall.com

Advanced students   www.esl-lab.com


AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons  http://www.aaamath.com/ 

Lessons pertaining to money, including finance and checkbook balancing   http://www.moneyinstructor.com/

Lesson Planning

Making the most of everyday text http://literacynetwork.verizon.org/fileadmin/print_resources/Q1_2007_Tutoring_EveryDay.pdf

Integrating real life materials

ESL Cafe teaching ideas   http://www.eslcafe.com/ideas/index.html 

Multisensory approaches to learning   http://www.resourceroom.net/ 

Fun and Games

Puzzles, word searches, etc. you can print out   http://www.education-world.com/a_lesson/archives/wordsearch.shtml 

Puzzle maker from Discovery.com   http://puzzlemaker.school.discovery.com/ 

Learning Disabilities

National Center for Learning Disabilities   http://www.ncld.org/ 

Article on Learning Disabilities from the University of Washington   http://www.washington.edu/doit/Faculty/Strategies/Disability/LD/

Read Please is a free downloadable software that lets you cut and paste any text, it then reads the text to you aloud   http://www.readplease.com/ 

Student Resources

Aztec on-line learning, study for the GED   http://aztec.aalrc.org/_Aztec/Control/Lite/default.asp 

Student/Learner resources   http://www.literacynet.org/studentlearner.html 

Resources for families, literacy programs and teachers working with families.  www.wonderopolis.org

Laubach Literacy    www.laubach.org

Literacy Volunteers of America    www.literacyvolunteers.org

PBS Literacy Link    www.pbs.org/adultlearning/literacy 

National Institute for Literacy    www.nifl.gov    

Faulkner County Literacy Council    www.zali.net/fclc